Organic Rose Water Facial Cleanser

Organic Rose Water Facial Cleanser

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Experience a cleanser that gives a deep clean and firm feeling. Right after using our Organic Rose Water Cleanser your skin immediately feels firm, soft (as a rose petal) and free of impurities. CLEAN! After your experience not only does your skin feel good but your mood also is enhanced due to Rose Water's mood enhancing abilities. We want you to feel good from the inside out! Rose water has been used for centuries, dating all the way back to Cleopatra. She used Rose Water as apart of her beauty regimen, due to its known "beauty magic". 

The Strong Benefits of Rose Water:

- Gives the skin smoothness 

- Balances the skin's pH level

- Clears away acne

- Controls oily skin

- Reduces redness and inflammation

- Hydrates the skin

- Repairs skin cells due to antioxidants (anti-aging)

- Helps to heal scarring from sun damage, acne, or age spots.

- Tones and cleans out pores

-It comes from Earth! 

- Rose Water is a Mood Enhancer

Why we use glass bottles? To ensure purity and maintain our plant-based ingredients. Our bottles are also 100%  recyclable!



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