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Don't Forget Your Neck!

Remember, dry skin = wrinkled skin. That is the rule of thumb here. I want to share with you why moisturizing your neck is so important. 

The skin on your neck is thin. It does not have sebaceous glands, which sebaceous glands are needed to secrete oil. This leaves the neck dry if it is not moisturized. Remember our rule? Dry skin will wrinkle! Think about the desert, all of those dried cracks in the ground. Well there is no moisture in the desert. So why not prevent that on your skin? Its never too early to start. Its easier to prevent it than to go back and fix it. 

Our Rose Face cream can be used on both the face and neck area. Anytime you are moisturizing with our Rose Face Cream, bring it down to your neck. Always apply in an upward motion instead of dragging your skin downwards. Work against gravity, not with it.


We would love to know how your experience is using our Rose Face Cream! Leave us a review on our "Rose Face Cream" product page. 



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