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Goldwell Artist . Master Colorist. Hair Artist . Curly Hair Expert . Makeup Artist



“BE.YOUR.OWN.BEAUTY because it is beautiful! I have a passion for inspiring HOPE and having fun enhancing one’s beauty! No matter what you have been through you are still beautiful and you still have purpose! Makeup, beauty, and fashion is fun but it does NOT define who you are! Beauty starts with who you are on the inside and then you can glam it up how you want on the outside!”

  • Owner of Alexa.Rae Salon and lipstick line. (Alexa.Rae Lip.Colour)

  • Mother and Wife

  • Born and raised in Chicago

  • Specializes in: Hair Color . Blowouts . Natural Hair . Extensions . Makeup

  • Currently - Hairstylist and Goldwell Artist in Springboro/Miamisburg, OH

  • Servicing Dayton and Cincinnati areas

  • Previous makeup artist in Las Vegas 

  • Graduated Cosmetology school in Chicago

Alexa Rae Troutman, has been a hair artist since the age of 20. She got an early start as a shampoo assistant for her friend (now celebrity hairstylist) Ricardo Roberts at the age of 15. She was born and raised in the suburbs of the windy city of Chicago. Alexa really strove to go after her dreams hoping to inspire and give back to people along the way. She wanted to be an inspiration for her family as well. Life was complicated but that never stopped her. After high school she went away to college at Ball State University with her 8 month-old son, as a young single mom. (Alexa was determined). She went to study fashion, dietetics, and dance. She always had a passion for beauty and creativity, anything involved in the arts. Alexa spent a lot of her time creating. Her dream was to have a her own beauty company someday, everything from health to beauty. She was kind of all over the place, searching to get there. Life was never easy being a single mother.

After she left college she decided to go back home to cosmetology school. Her father really inspired her to go. She then started her journey to achieving her dreams. From the moment she became a hair stylist & make-up artist she began to work on her dream to develop her own beauty brand!

Alexa participated in Americas Beauty Show in Chicago 2 years in a row, worked at Sephora as a Senior Educator and makeup artist in Indianapolis and Las Vegas. Vegas always being a second home, she freelanced in Las Vegas as a makeup artist and in Chicago as a hair stylist/ make up artist.

Alexa started to appreciate beauty in a different way. She believed that God created everyone beautiful and she wanted to inspire people to love who they are. Her biggest dream then was to help inspire people to see and love their beauty before all the makeup and glam. Make up started to become different to her, she wanted to use it to enhance what someone already has, not to use to "make" someone beautiful. Still she strove to take beauty to another level. 

At 24 her journey continued when she moved to Ohio, got married to her husband, and birthed another boy. Having a family did not stop it it only pushed her harder, she continued to develop her brand. In her own kitchen, she created lipsticks! Her husband being one of her BIGGEST motivators and supporters, pushed her intensively to make her dreams come true! He made her realize that she could do it, to use her name to inspire beauty in a new way! After her successful lip. colour creations, she decided to start off with a product that would not be harmful to our bodies, and that we could use to express ourselves!

Alexa is currently a Goldwell Artist and Master Colorist, pursing her dreams as a mother and wife is worth it all!



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